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Custom Pre-Manufactured Fireplaces & Fireplace Inserts

At Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio Showroom displays beautiful custom fireplaces (wood or gas burning), fireplace inserts and we can even give your existing fireplace a new look, custom built the way you want it.

Connecticut’s Premier Fireplace Store!

Whether you are looking for a new gas or wood custom pre-manufactured fireplace installation, fireplace insert or a fireplace conversion to gas, propane, pellets or electricity - let one of Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio specialists help you design the fireplace of your dreams!

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CT Pre Manufactured Fireplace

Pre Manufactured (a.k.a.) Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Zero Clearance Fireplaces:  Are pre-manufactured fireplaces that can be built into any room in your home, yes even the bathroom. At Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio we can install a pre-manufactured fireplace / zero clearance fireplace. Which requires cutting a hole in an existing wall to install the fireplace into it. We can build the covering on the outside of your home, matching your existing siding. Another option is a vent free gas or electric fireplace.

Wood: If you’re looking to save money on your heating bills, then a wood fireplace is for you. Wood Fireplaces are very efficient and have a long burn time (8 to 12 hours). So you don’t have to keep feeding the fire all day and night. The log size would be another consideration for the fireplace you choose. Most of our fireplaces can take up to a 24” log. There are some that can take larger logs if that is what you want.

These fireplaces can be installed on a flat wall or in a corner. The finished look can be with customized mantles, stone, brick or heat resistant facades.

CT Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts: By design increase the fireplace’s energy efficiency. Fireplace inserts are essentially a freestanding fireproof box encased by cast iron or steel. Which can be mounted into an existing fireplace and fronted by an insulated glass enclosure creating an energy efficient closed combustion system.

Fireplace inserts are a clean and efficient way to upgrade your existing fireplace while preserving the hearth, if you choose. Like many of the fireplaces we carry, fireplace inserts are available in wood burning, gas, propane and pellet heating systems.

CT Fireplace Conversion Contractors
Fireplace Conversion Contractor CT

Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio Showroom: We are certified HVAC contractors. We can convert existing wood burning fireplaces to gas, LP, pellets or electrically fired systems. There are many options for fireplace conversions gas, gas inserts, propane, gas logs, etc. We will work directly with you to determine an energy efficient option best suited for your home.

Natural Gas or LP: If you’re looking for ease of operation, without storing and hauling wood into your home, then a Natural gas, LP or a pellet fireplace is for you. With just a click of your remote control, you can turn the flame from high to low, you can control the fan speed and some fireplaces even have a back lighting for ambience.

Fireplace Facings, Facades, Fireplace Interiors
Fireplace Facings, Facades & Interiors

Fireplace Facings & Facades: We have many options to enhance your fireplace with a beautiful stone wall or brick facing fireplace, with a hand crafted wooden mantel – sound good? You can choose the type of finish, such as tile, brick, stone or a simple painted wall around your fireplace.

Fireplace Interiors: With a Natural gas or LP fireplace, you can choose the interior look; you can have modern brick panels, stone panels or a contemporary black background. The flames can be complimented with ceramic logs, colored fire-glass, rocks or a mixture of each. You even get to choose the surround (Frame). You can make your new fireplace look contemporary or have an old country look. There are many choices of Zero Clearance Fireplaces to beautify your home, to your own taste.

CT Fireplace Tools & Accessories Store
Fireplace Tools & Accessories

Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio Showroom: We carry all types of fireplace tools & accessories. Whether you are looking for a cast iron fireback, decorative fireplace screens, fireplace doors, steel / iron forged tool sets or a pair of fireplace andirons - you will find them all in our showroom.

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