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Quality Pellet, Wood Burning & Gas Stoves

Air, Inc. Fireplace, Stove & Patio Showroom, we are Connecticut’s premier dealer of pellet, wood burning & gas heating stoves.

With the many designs in pellet, wood and gas burning stoves, we carry home heating stoves that are not only an energy efficient form of heating - but also an enhancement for the ambiance and warmth of your home.

We carry a large variety of quality pellet, wood & gas heating stoves. Featuring stoves from top manufacturers as Vermont Castings®, Napoleon® Enviro® Stoves to the contemporary, sleek look of Piazzetta® stoves.

Choose from a large assortment and enameled colors and styles of home heating stove options. From classical cast iron wood stoves, to contemporary new designs in pellet, wood & natural gas home heating stoves are available.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are gaining in popularity, with new advancements in pellet stove technologies – as they are suitable not only in homes but apartments and small spaces as well.

Pellet stoves are now more convenient to operate with higher efficiency rates than traditional wood stoves or fireplaces. Pellet stoves operate with higher combustion rate, with a heating capacity range between (8,000 BTU – 90,000 BTU) per hour, depending on the size.

Another benefit using pellet stoves are they offer excellent home heating efficiency while producing a low amount of smoke emissions.

Pellet stoves use renewable energy pellets which are environmentally friendly and are economically convenient. Choose from the many styles and sizes of pellet stoves available at our Showroom!

Pellet Stove Dealer CT

Wood Burning Stoves

Woods Stoves are still the most widely used in Connecticut, since wood can be easily and locally obtained. Today’s modern woods stoves have improved combustion and performance technology which allow them to burn cleaner, with increased energy efficiency.

We carry a large variety of quality wood stoves, from top wood stove manufacturers as Vermont Castings®, Napoleon® Enviro® stoves to the contemporary, sleek look of Piazzetta® wood stoves. New advancements in wood stove technology provide dependability for years, while decreasing smoke emissions – providing clean burning warmth.

With hundreds of new styles to choose from – we have free standing stoves with the traditional style of a cast iron stove to beautifully enameled wood stoves to contemporary stainless steel models.

Catalytic Wood Stoves

In catalytic combustion, the smoky exhaust is passed through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the stove where the smoke gases and particles ignite and burn. Catalytic stoves are capable of producing a long, even heat output.

Non-catalytic Stoves

Non-catalytic stoves do not use a catalyst, but have internal characteristics that create a good environment for complete combustion.

CT Wood Stove Dealer

Gas Heating Stoves

Gas Burning Stoves for heat are probably by far the easiest to run and maintain, in home heating stoves. Remote controls and adjustable thermostats allow for beautiful, radiant controlled gas heat with the look of a wood fire.

Today’s high efficiency gas stoves allow for instant heat and are a safe, clean burning reliable home heating source.

Natural Gas or Propane stoves for home heating are available as freestanding stoves or gas fireplace inserts. With the many gas flame log sets that are designed to flicker and glow as real wood.

Gas stoves are easily vented through an existing fireplace chimney or can be installed by direct venting to the outside of the home.

CT Gas Heating Stoves
Heating Stove Installation & Ventilation

Stove Installation: Freestanding stoves can be placed almost anywhere in your home and offer maximum heating efficiency and classical appeal and can be directly vented out through a building.

Air, Inc.’s CT licensed heating contractors will ensure proper stove installation and ventilation.

Gas Stove Installation & Ventilation


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